What A Week: February 19th-25th

It’s hard to believe February is almost over. It’s been rainy and foggy on my little island, which has made for many pleasant afternoons reading. The highlight of this week was Their Eyes Were Watching God, which I reread for the first time since high school. It was so incredibly good that it sent me down rabbit hole of books by women written in the first half of the 20th century, which I wrote about this week for Fierce Feminist Friday.


The books I finished reading this week. Links go to my full reviews.

Feel Free by Zadie Smith
4/5: I recommend it with abandon! I am not a big essay reader, and this one took me a while to get through, but it was so, so worth it.

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (audio)

4/5: I recommend it with abandon, and I cannot recommend the audio enough–it’s stunning.

Halsey Street by Zaima Coster
3/5: You’ll have to decide for yourself. I enjoyed it, but it did not wow me.

Incognegro by Mat Johnson andWarren Pleece
3/5: I recommend it–but it’s brutal and contains graphic images of lynching and racial violence, so be warned.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed (audio)
4/5: If anyone out there still hasn’t read this book…you’ll have to decide for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but if I had read it before reading the Dear Sugar columns, I’m pretty sure I would have found it much less compelling.

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi
3/5: I honestly do not know what to make of this one, or how I even feel about it. It was smart and strange. If that’s your thing, I suspect you’ll love it.

The books I’m reading right at this very moment.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (27%)
Yup, I’m still at it. Honestly I’m struggling with it, and have been only managing to read 5-10 pages a day. I have yet to care about any of the people in it and the endless minutia of their lives. But I’m not giving up yet. Maybe it’ll get interesting somewhere around page 500.

Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee

Next up in the never-ending cycle of too many books and too little time.

The Clothing of Books by Jhumpa Lahiri
Why I’m reading it: I’ve been reading a lot of short audiobooks for a project I’m doing, and this one is only an hour. Plus is’s Jhumpa Lahiri, and it’s a book about books. What’s not to love?

Notes of a Crocodile by Qiu Miaojin
Why I’m reading it: I’ve maxed out my library renews on this one…which is a sign I’m not super excited to read it. I’m going to give it a shot, since it’s been on my TBR for a while and I’m interested, but if it doesn’t grip me right away, I’m going to let it go, no hard feelings.

Books published this week that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

What Are We Doing Here? by Marilynne Robinson
Why I’m excited about it: 2018 is apparently the year of the essay for me–I’ve already read more essay collections this year than in the past few years combined! So why break the trend? Marilynne Robinson is super smart and I can’t wait to read what she’s got to say about the world as it is right now.

Educated by Tara Westover
Why I’m excited about it: The bookish world is all abuzz about this one. It’s the memoir of a woman brought up by survivalists in rural Idaho, and her journey from a childhood without any formal education to graduate school at Cambridge.


Want some tips for comforting bedtime reading and/or using a bullet journal to help you organize and track your reading life? I’ve got you covered!




That’s it for me. How was your week of reading?

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